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Various Artists – Cruel Vanities – Chicago Electronic Underground 2CS

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V/A Cruel Vanities 2xC70

Chicago Electronic Underground compilation featuring exclusive tracks from Alex Barnett, Rosario, E.F., Necrotized, Spasm of Agony, Murderopera, Desperate Nights, FUJ, F-Dorm, L’Vona, Andy Ortmann, Oakeater, Obe, Neoten, Havadine Stone, Brett Naucke, Forest Management, Hogg, Hymenal Opening, Beau Wanzer, Capture & Exploit, The Fortieth Day, 957 Years, K.L. Stijl, Leaf Miner, Hate Basement, DJ Valentimes, Scartissue, Dalibor Cruz, Incessant Noise, Dahmer, Itsï, Implex Grace