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Vampire Can’t – Key Cutter

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“This 2005 recording collaboration of Vampire Belt, the long running Western Massachusetts duo of Chris Corsano (frequent YOD associate and collaborator with Jandek, John Olson, and Paul Flaherty) and Bill Nace (X.0.4.). Vampire Belt specializes in all over the kit percussion on deeply audio effected guitar histrionics. Can’t is Jessica Rylan’s long standing vocal/electronic project. Her sound is self described as ‘friendly, intimate and creepy like anonymous postcards sent to you by a rain soaked prisoner.’ And I am in no mood to argue… its got moments of beautiful song and scary blurt. The collaboration sound, you ask? Very much the collision of these two entities: the soundz of Rylan’s homemade electronics butting up against Nace’s splayed guitar, all the while punctuated by the free jizz drum rambo of Corsano. The record has several burners, and plenty of moments of parking lot moan and search. Really, a record like this has not come out since ESP-Disk released that last awful Godz record. FACT!”


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