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V/A – Tickets For Doomsday: Heavy Psychedelic Funk, Soul, Ballads & Dirges 1970-1975

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“Now-Again Records’ follow up to one of its most well-loved compilations, Forge Your Own Chains, with another batch of rare, largely uncompiled — and sometimes barely heard — heavy psych-rock and funk. Pounding drums, scathing fuzz guitar and morose, contemplative lyrics will bring you up on a downer. Tickets For Doomsday, as the title hints, is and rumination on what might befall the human race — made especially salient by the past year’s trials and tribulations — as performed by prison funk ensembles, Indonesian hippies, Krautrock legends, Icelandic prog-rock bands and even Bay Area rap catalyst E-40’s uncle, the man to ¬first distribute Master P’s No Limit Records, and the creator of this album’s title track, St. Charles ‘Chucky’ Thurman. A unique and compelling listen, and surely a worthy companion for these times.” Features Golden Wing, Misty, Icecross, Paternoster, Chucky Thurmon, Upheaval, Water Color, Stephen David Heitkotter, Christopher, Kourosh, and J.B Green and Band.



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