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V/A – Various – Knuckle Girls Vol.2 (14 Pugilistic Platters From The Only Glitter Girls That Matter)

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From the liner notes: “An extract from the novel Bovver Birds Rool (… continued) ‘That must hurt’, said Dave. He hovered over Sue as she shakily tried to return to her feet. ‘Well help me, then’, barked Sue with a pained expression, ‘don’t just flippin’ stand there’. ‘I think this fell off’, said Dave as he handed Sue back her bloodied Marc Bolan rosette. ‘Great’, snapped Sue, ‘Steve’s only just given me that… Which way did they go?’ ‘Don’t be daft’, said Dave, ‘you’re in no fit state.’ At Tuesday night’s Stall Street Disco, Dawn and Jane were busy victory dancing to their anthem, Hector’s ‘Wired Up’, darting hard-faced Knuckle Girl glares at any boy daring enough to comment on their togetherness with an ill-advised wink and a nudge to his immediate neighbour. Meanwhile, Sue had invested her last 2p in a phone call to her best mate ‘Sand’, short for Sandra. ‘Sand’ was the self-elected leader of the Bovver Birds, the female contingent of The Larkhall Legion, who were beginning to assemble around the entrance to the disco. ‘Tired of living?’ were the last words Dawn heard as her face hit the floor. ‘You cow!,’ Dawn screamed, as she pulled out the remnants of her own front tooth and threw it in the face her towering tormentor. ‘The Knuckle Girls buckle and the Bovver Birds win. Again!,’ announced Sand in a loud but deadpan voice over the continuing Hector music. ‘We’ll leave you alone now to bury your dead. … ‘Birds’ is still the word, and you’ve should been shat on from a great height. Next time, bitches!’ A bow-tied bouncer strong-armed ‘Sand’ from the hall, dragging her by the arms as she still tried to pitch a globule of carefully-harvested spittle over her agitator. ‘And there’s a greeny for you,’ she shrieked with delight as it landed successfully.” (to be continued…) Features Nina Martin, Norah, Philadelphia, Paula Lincoln, Vermilion, Bobbie McGee, NQB, The Alison Marklew Band, Lorenza Johnson, Radar, Rock Follies, The (New) Settlers, Punchin’ Judy, and Judith Crowne.



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