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V/A – Beyond The Wall – The Record: New Wave and Post-Punk from East Germany 1983-1990

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Life behind the Berlin Wall, before the fall. Once there was DDR (Deutsche Demokratische Republik), otherwise known as East Germany. Verging on the ruins of the Second World War, in the fog of the socialist utopia, there was a widespread scene fighting against corporations and restrictions. Die neuen Bands, that was the manifesto, a number of small alternative bands facing the efforts of the post-punk (and even post-industrial) revolution. This was happening right after the English new wave or the Neue Deutsche Welle (the western counterpart). A musical resistance, a counterculture, spreading all over the country the clandestine way. An enduring dangerous strategy that brought to life many artistic figures, way ahead of their time. Such is the case of Frank Bretschneider (Stein Im Brett, Kriminelle Tanzkapelle) still one of the most prolific glitch producers (founder of the influential imprint Raster), Ornament & Verbrechen the east-Berlin combo ran by brothers Ronald and Robert Lippok (To Rococo Rot), and Reinhard Lakomy, a true innovator in the vein of Klaus Schulze. The ghost of an era, a social turmoil that eventually had an impact on our daily routine. Features: Frank Bretschneider, Ornament & Verbrechen, Die Art, Die Vision, Die Vision Komakino, The Real Deal, Rosengarten, The Local Moon, Kriminelle Tanzkapelle, Stein Im Brett, Der Expander Des Fortschritts, Tom Terror Und Das Beil, and Reinhard Lakomy.


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