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Unholy – From The Shadows

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Unholy, from Finland, formed in 1988 & were among the first doom metal bands from the country. In the band’s earlier years, starting under the moniker of Holy Hell, their style began as more a black/death/doom metal mix but progressed to a style of atmospheric, experimental doom metal. Unholy recorded 4 albums throughout their career before disbanding in 2002 & leaving a legacy as a very influential & legendary act in the Finnish doom metal scene who are still highly respected today, alongside other classic Finnish acts such as Thergothon.

‘From the Shadows’ was the band’s debut full-length album & was originally released back in 1993. The album was known for its dark textured death/doom metal mixed with some unusual & often avantgarde arrangements. Unholy’s willingness to experiment with sounds & moods helped create a strong & uniquely twisted atmosphere on ‘From the Shadows’ _ slow pounding doom metal epics aided by the presence of creeping synths.


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