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Tropical Trash – UFO Rot

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Velvet lined steam roller tactics mean Tropical Trash’s LP debut ‘UFO Rot’ descends from the sky straight onto your brain stem. This is potent stuff, meant to be taken in controlled doses. Load the spoon full and heat up gradually.The band has existed for two previous 7”’s but really comes roaring out of the gate with black hat tales and some line up changes. May very well be the album you use for whatever you do when you are not reading the internet. Instead of trace papering some shadow punks of previous dictatorships, these patriots pull the curtain back and show the emperor sporting some very exotic under carriage, and spew forth tales with cop stashes, Area 51 belly bloat, and new reconfigured mainframe math – this is the new form. Nine condensed blasts of well honed songcraft that really put them at the top of the heap of the rock heap, with paranoid punk, and an eagerness to melt it all down and make it into something bold and badass. Don’t sleep on this one comrade. (Load Records)


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