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Tom Dissevelt – Fantasy In Orbit: An Astronaut’s Impressions While Orbiting The Earth

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“Astronautics is still in its childhood days. A few people have orbited the Earth, the first trip to the Moon is still ahead and man may soon set foot on the nearest planets, Venus and Mars, and discover an abode of a new form of life, primitive as its forms may be. Yet through hundreds of millions of miles, man will always remain a man from Earth. Earth is his home. Earth is the place he will long to return to. He was born on Earth and he will want to die on Earth, despite the adventures that take him far away into space. This is what the music in Fantasy in Orbit has to tell you. True, it is electronic music. And electronic music is often used by radio, television and film editors to invoke ‘unearthly’ impression, to accompany the arrival of strange-shaped space beings – wherever they are supposed to come from – and to create an atmosphere of science-fiction. As far as Tom Dissevelt’s Fantasy in Orbit is concerned, there is no talk of fiction.” – sleeve notes

Commissioned by Philips Phonographic Industries & produced in the Studio voor Elektronische Muziek (STEM) of Universiteit Utrecht (Utrecht, The Netherlands).

Philips – PHS 600-189

1965 US

Media Condition – VG, some very light scuff marks on both sides, close to VG+

Sleeve Condition – VG, record comes in Philips inner sleeve, ringwear on back of sleeve, otherwise VG+


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