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Thomas F Monetelone – Fantasma

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TOR Horror Paperback

The blood feud between the Manzaras and the Candelottos began when the first Mazara strega cursed the family’s hated rivals for Mafia power. Now the younger generation does battle with guns and explosives, abandoning the old ways, the old magic. They are about to discover the depth of that mistake. Vincent Manzara, sent to Italy to escape the latest bloodbath, has found a new strega — a compelling woman powerful enough to conjure the dreaded fantasma. This nightmarish demon will be the instrument of Vincent’s revenge on the Candelottos … a revenge most dark and dreadful. Guns and explosives are no defense against magic. Only death can sate the fantasma. Only innocence can banish it.

Strong Good+ with noticeable shelfwear, holepunch to front cover and light spinewear


Stock Level Only 1 left in stock