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The Wire – #461 July 2022

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“AMM: For 50 years, Eddie Prévost, Keith Rowe and John Tilbury have had their sights set firmly on sonic freedom, changing the landscape of music in the process. By Clive Bell. AMM mini-Primer: A user’s guide to the group’s recent recordings. By Seymour Wright; Angharad Davies: The hardworking violinist and improvisor finds inspiration for her time dissolving recordings and performances through interpersonal connections. By Abi Bliss; UnicaZürn: Veteran industrialists Dave Knight and Stephen Thrower pour two lifetimes of experience into their dystopian stew. By Rob Turner; Invisible Jukebox: Hannah Catherine Jones: Will the UK composer be reduced to a Foxy Moron by The Wire’s mystery record selection? Tested by Meg Woof; Unlimited Editions: Nhạc Gãy; Unofficial Channels: Tape Archives; Opal X: Harsh beauty from former Paper Dollhouse denizen. By Claire Biddles; Nexcyia: Producer Adam Dove gives it the old collage try. By Rob Turner; Teresa Winter: Sea salt memories from the Yorkshire based composer. By Louise Gray; K Of Arc: The beauty and horror of Kevin Craig’s electronic fog. By Emily Pothast; Global Ear: Washington, DC: DIY still thrives in the hardcore heartland. By Jonathan Williger; The Inner Sleeve: Sarah Davachi on Genesis’s Trespass; Epiphanies: Pamela Z picks up the phonemes.”