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The Threat – Lullaby In C / High Cost Of Living

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Legendary Dublin punk band formed in November 1978 by Maurice Foley (guitar/vocals), which had a number of iterations before disbanding in 1981. The Threat built up a following in Dublin and maintained a heavy reputation through the 1979 and 1980. Playing the legendary Dandelion on a couple of occasions towards the end of 1979 and became friendly with members of the Virgin Prunes and U2. Stano, another friend of the band, bought a synthesizer, purely as a sound generator, and joined them. As a nonmusician, his synth added noise and texture to the band’s sound and brought out their experimental side.

This “Lullaby in C” / “High Cost of Living” – their sole single – recorded in 1980 with Irish traditional musician Donal Lunny producing, providing his services for free. Lunny went on tour with Planxty before the recordings were completed. Impatient to get the single out, the band completed the work themselves with cover art from Dave Clifford of Vox fanzine. Self-financed, self-released and distributed by the band around Dublin with a few making it over the sea to Rough Trade. A second single was recorded in 1981 with the Virgin Prunes Danny Figgis producing but the mastertapes are lost to the midst of time. We’ve added a demo from Stano recorded in 1979.



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