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The Strange Girls – It’s OK To Be Happy LP

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Following the incredible Dress reissue a month or so ago, Fördämning Arkiv pull another lost treat from the NZ underground (how many times must i type that phrase? Endlessly, i hope) with this mostly previously unheard set of recordings from Clayton Noone (Claypipe, Armpit++), Kaaterama “Motty” Morehu and Jon Arcus’s The Strange Girls project. Outta Dunedin and so with some heritage of peculiar guitar-based transgressions to draw on, it’s perhaps fellow townfolk Dadamah with which they share most commonality, rather than the more typical aberrations of Flying Nun pop associated with the place. The Strange Girls make a pretty racket alright, slo-mo six string distortions buoyed by swaying and sometimes narcotised lullaby vocals, often building to cathartic release. There’s definitely trace elements of Roy Montgomery’s ecstatic playing present here (see Thug or Mood for prime example), and you might even think of them as a slightly more strident version of the Garbage and the Flowers, melodious and sprawling in equal measure. In fact, since at least a good few of these songs are live recordings, the comparison with tGatF’s Stoned Rehearsal seems apt, free-rock improvisation with a soft-toned centre. Nothing i don’t love here, but the title track is of particular note, Peter Jefferies Electricity closed out with a rock n roll nirvana coda. Downer and out down under. Oof. Inspiring stuff as ever.


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