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The Severed Arm – Blu-Ray

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While camping, a group of friends become trapped in a cave. Desperate and starving, they draw straws to decide which one should suffer the severing of his arm so that the others can eat. But no sooner than making this fateful amputation, they’re rescued, though their unfortunate victim has been driven hopelessly mad by the experience. Years later, the survivors have all moved on with their lives, that is until someone with a very sharp axe to grind begins stalking them and chopping off their arms, one by one…

A drive-in and home video staple, thanks in large part to a notorious title and insane concept, Tom Alderman’s THE SEVERED ARM is a stylish and atmospheric murder mystery/proto-slasher. Starring Deborah Walley (Beach Blanket Bingo) along with Marvin Kaplan (Wild at Heart) and Vince Martorano (The Candy Snatchers) and featuring expectedly excellent cinematography by Robert Maxwell (Blood ManiaThe Centerfold Girls), Vinegar Syndrome presents THE SEVERED ARM fully uncut and in its official disc debut, newly restored from a fresh 4K scan of its 35mm original camera negative.

Bonus Features:
1. Region A Blu-ray
2. Newly scanned & restored in 4k from its 35mm original camera negative
3. “Severing the Past” – an interview with actor Vince Martorano
4. “A Cut Above the Rest” – an interview with producer Gary Adelman
5. Reversible cover artwork
6. SDH English subtitles

Film Label

Vinegar Syndrome




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