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The Serf’s – EP

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The First 7″ EP by mysterious Ohio based Synth Punks The Serfs.

Side A, features two breakneck amphetamine fuelled electro-punk onslaughts of the sense with sharp social critique and lyrical wit aimed at the ills of human psychology.

The flip-side is the more atmospheric almost Chicago-house influenced Debt World, like the top-side focusing on an almost J.G Ballard vision of bleakness yet hitting with a very contemporary and pin-point accuracy, the music in the grooves express the situations many of us face.

The Serfs aren’t harking back to anything from the past, despite fitting perfectly into the cannon of Ohio’s rich punk history; they are the present and also the future rolled into one. This is modern punk rock music which is intelligent and striking.

Limited to 300 copies housed in a Risograph fold-over sleeve containing an insert.


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