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The Millennium – Original Sound Sessions 1967-1968

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The Millennium stands as one of the most remarkable psychedelic bands from ’60s California despite the sales of their only LP, Begin, did not match the big expectations created by the great critical acclaim received and the huge financial costs of its recording. Although conceived as a studio group by Curt Boettcher (The Ballroom, Sagittarius…), The Millennium was a real band despite never performed publicly. Following a carte blanche deal with Columbia, he assembled a group of talented Californian singers and musicians (Lee Mallory, Sandy Salisbury, Joey Stec, Doug Rhodes, Michael Fennelly and Music Machine drummer Ron Edgar) to record an album, resulting in a sublime pop masterpiece, combining sunny melodies, outstanding vocal harmonies, and psychedelic touches. Apart from the tracks that appeared on Begin (which also includes several songs that Curt Boettcher composed for previous projects such as The Ballroom) in the many studio hours the band recorded a host of extra songs, as well as numerous demos. This record includes some of the extra tracks that were recorded in the sessions for The Millennium’s one and only album and they are proof of the immense versatility of the band and of the extraordinary ability of a group of composers who created timeless gems that we are delighted to recover and present for intergenerational enjoyment. Some of these tracks are reissued here on vinyl for the first time.


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