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The Little Bits – Girl Give Me Love (Orange Vinyl)

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Wailing and thrashing around the melody like candy-fueled maniacs, The Little Bits pack a punch so savage it makes appropriately aged teen rockers hopped up on testosterone and intoxicants sound like they’re phoning it in. This is the real deal — Cajun country’s untamed youth. Featuring their killer single and newly discovered tracks!

“Girl Give Me Love” has long captivated garage rock crate diggers. It was the lone single released by The Little Bits, a group of pre-teen punks from Jennings, Louisiana. Fewer than 500 copies were pressed when the 45 came out in 1967. But it’s not the rarity of the record that has earned it so many admirers over the years; it’s the rarified sound.

When The Little Bits weren’t out performing live at local dances, drive-ins, pig roasts, hootenannies, and frat parties, they were recording at their shag-carpeted home studio, built so the band could record whenever inspiration struck. These recordings miraculously survived over fifty years of Louisiana heat, humidity, and floods, finally seeing the light of day now


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