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The Lighthouse – Blu-Ray

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Writer/Director Robert Eggers’ hallucinatory fever dream The Lighthouse is a bold and eclectic psychosexual drama set in the late 19th century. With striking performances from Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson as two lighthouse keepers stuck on a lonely outpost the film is a bleak and unrelenting barrage that will attack your senses. Filmed in 35mm black & white with vintage lenses and a tight aspect ratio the film achieves an authentic and unforgettable aesthetic. Lionsgate brings the hypnotic sea yarn to Blu-ray with an impressive A/V presentation and enough bonus features to satisfy fans of the film.

Special Features:

“The Lighthouse: A Dark & Stormy Tale” Featurette
Audio Commentary with Co-Writer & Director Robert Eggers
Deleted Scenes
Film Label




Stock Level Only 1 left in stock