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The Electronic Circus – Direct Lines

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What our staff has to say: “Side Project of Chris Payne the keyboard player for Gary Numan’s Pleasure Principle. The Electronic Circus Direct Lines is killer synthy pop track that carries with a driving drum beat and warbly synth tones in the back ground, Side A really lets you know exactly why Iron Lung decided to reissue this one. Housed in a tip on jacket with die cut IRL logo in the back. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.” – Dan

Though famous for other things (including doing the synths on GARY NUMAN’s iconic “Pleasure Principal” album and co-writing VISAGE’s massive hit, “Fade To Grey”), Chris Payne brought THE ELECTRONIC CIRCUS to life in 1981. At the time, poised to become his next major project, the initial single “Direct Lines” gained little traction and quickly found its way to quiet obscurity. There it remained until some genius made a video using footage from Swedish film “Summer With Monika” that so perfectly fit the surging melancholy of youth’s temporary romances that the song garnered a million views and a new cult of rabid fans (me included! -Jensen). Once this synth-pop perfection enters you it will find permanent purchase and continue to be a joyous wellspring for years to come, truly a gift that keeps giving.

This fully licensed official reissue comes on 150 on red and 350 on black 75gr vinyl housed in a reverse board custom die-cut glue pocket sleeve. Originally recorded in 1981 at Pebble Beach Studios in Sussex UK (also where THE ADVERTS recorded the excellent “Gary Gilmore’s Eyes/Bored Teenagers single!) by Tony Harris. Remastered in 2021 by John Golden. Art and packaging based on the original 1981 design.


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