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The Devil’s Nightmare (aka The Devil Walks at Midnight)- Blu-Ray

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The world Blu-ray premier of a classic Gothic horror – starring Erika Blanc.

A busload of tourists on holiday discover that they are going on an unscheduled trip… a trip into the macabre. They find themselves lost and in need of food and shelter. A gloomy castle ahead seems to be the refuge that have been seeking. What they don’t know is that Baron von Runberg, the castle’s owner, lives under an ancient family curse – one that will draw the unsuspecting guests into a terrifying game of death. As they enjoy a splendid meal at the Baron’s table, a beautiful stranger arrives at the castle. And the nightmare begins…

This delirious exercise in Gothic sex and horror is one of the very few such films to come from Belgium and stars the great Erika Blanc, the diva of 1960s and 70s Eurohorror, together with Shirley Corrigan (CRIMES OF THE BLACK CAT), Jean Servais (Rififi) and Daniel Emilfork.


Newly commissioned cover art from Gilles Vranckx.
HD transfer from original negative.
Audio commentary from Troy Howarth.
Interview with director Jean Brismée.
Interview with Roland Lethem.
Interview with assistant director Robert Lombaerts.
Original trailers and TV spots.
Mondo Macabro previews.


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