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The Cramps – Tales From The Cramps (Purple Jacket)

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Awesome quality from the sleeve to the content… 16 tracks of ultra rare, like truly rare tracks.

Just check out that track listing and although some titles will be familiar, these are dfferent versions and on vinyl for the 1st time (as far as we know)…the sound is tip top. A truly wonderful release from the folks behind the Ill Eagle releases a couple of years back and it looks like they have managed to get out of Russia and set up elsewhere. As with their previous releases a lot of thought has obviously gone into this and they’ve come up with the goodsagain!

1. Quick Joey Small (Rehearsal 1976)
2. Baby Blue Rock (Live CBGB, NYC 1978)
3. Problem Child (Live Grendel’s Lair, Philadelphia 1978)
4. Hungry (Live Grendel’s Lair, Philadelphia 1978)
5. Weekend On Mars (Live The Venue, London 1980)
6. Louie Louie (Live The Venue, London 1980)
7. Sweet Woman Blues (Rehearsal 1981)
8. Rumble (Rehearsal 1981)
1. Most Exalted Potentate Of Love (A&M Studios, Hollywood 1982)
2. Five Years Ahead Of My Time (A&M Studios, Hollywood 1982)
3. Call Of The Wighat (A&M Studios, Hollywood 1982)
4. Sinners (A&M Studios, Hollywood 1982)
5. Hanky Panky (A&M Studios, Hollywood 1982)
6. Bacon Fat (Live Peppermint Lounge, NYC 1983)
7. What’s Inside A Girl? (Live Club Soda, Montreal 1984)
8. You’ll Never Change Me (Live Club Soda, Montreal 1984


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