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The Adicts – Songs Of Praise

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The classic debut album from The Adicts, originally released in 1981 on Geordie Davison’s DWED WECORDS label, launched them on a rollercoaster career taking them from Ipswich to the USA, Germany & Japan dressed in their Clockwork Orange meets Poirrot costumes.

Standing out from the rest of the punk hopefuls with their catchy, singalong anthems proclaiming fun, they moved to Fall Out, then Razor, then Sire Records, attaining the giddy heights of the bottom of the national charts with their singles ‘Chinese Takeaway’, ‘Bad Boy’, and their ‘Sound Of Music’ album in 1983.

After that their profile lowered with occasional re-unions and releases until all went quiet; but now they have recently reformed for a series of gigs in the USA and Europe coinciding with a brand new studio album out on Captain Oi Records.

‘Songs Of Praise’ remains a fond memory for both aging nostalgic punks and those just discovering The Adicts’ brand of irreverent fun and excitement.


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