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Taylor Bratches – Lift & Kismet CS

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Label Description:

This two-hour mixtape by Taylor Bratches—not only her first for enmossed, but her first physical release period—is a creature that slowly but radically evolves. Sometimes it’s left-field spa, others it’s more 7 a.m. dancefloor. The folkish string arrangements and big-room shoegaze make this tape an expansive and daring foray, with few pauses and natural transitions from one idea to the next. Optimistic and buoyant no matter the genre, Bratches explores the range of her musical interests with a lightness that also floats the listener.

This doesn’t mean there aren’t heavier moments, where bass is employed to move bodies. Ambient pads get laced with knotty breakbeats, while nearly everything is drenched in finely tuned reverbs. Bratches’ poetry and dance practices inform Lift & Kismet, making physical impressions on its hybridic sound. Her formal arts education and work as a music journalist may have something to do with the scope of her vision, but it’s Bratches’ emotional intuition that guides this infectiously positive, cathartic release. All proceeds to Chab Dai –


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