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Sun Ra – My Brother, The Wind 2LP version

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“MY BROTHER THE WIND, released by Sun Ra in 1970 (but recorded in 1969) is one of several albums that showcase Sun Ra’s initial reckonings with the then-recently introduced Moog synthesizer. Within a few years this chapter of Ra’s legacy included My Brother the Wind Vol. 2, The Night of the Purple Moon, Space Probe, and The Solar-Myth Approach, Vol. 2. Although the Astro Infinity Arkestra is credited on most copies of the original LP sleeve for My Brother the Wind, in fact only three sidemen were on the session—Marshall Allen, John Gilmore, and Danny Davis, with Moog performance pioneer Gershon Kingsley serving as synth programmer and technical consultant.

Sun Ra was not seeking to reproduce existing music with the Moog; he saw the device (and electronic instruments generally) as futuristic, offering ear-opening—and galaxy-traversing—possibilities. In 1969 Apollo 11 had landed on the moon; Sun Ra made alternate travel arrangements. “I wasn’t using any gasoline. I’m using sound,” he explained (about his mythic Black Space Program). “You haven’t reached that stage on this planet yet where you can use sound to run your ships and run your cars and heat your house. Your scientists haven’t reached that yet. But it will happen. Where you can take a cassette and put it in your car and it will run it—with the right kind of music, of course. And it won’t explode.”

The Moog would help Sun Ra achieve lift-off.”-I.C


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