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Sterile Garden – End Of The Attic CD

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End Of The Attic
‘Five separated tracks of detailed, sensory textures, and atmospheres, each a self-contained narrative. Like psychological profiles, each seems to end mid sentence, as if we are being exposed merely to fragments of individual perspectives that continue to live on beyond what we are allowed to hear. Light At The End Of The Attic is a shadowy beginning with images of reaching through dust and thick, heavy air. A collage of soft, shakuhachi and other identifiable instrumentation punctuate over a background of uneasy electronics. From this languid introduction, Jersey Barrier thrusts us violently into vivid, harshness, a rushing wall of static, with undulating swells and fissures, smooth and grey as the sound of blurred concrete speeding past. Cacophony of Voices and Lunatic Frenzy combine warbled, melodic phrases, degraded tape loops and cutup distorted electronics into, frenetic activity and disturbing pitches. Equinox Song continues the sense of unease with warped, slurring voices that pan about, taking the dizzying energy down to an anxious calm.’ – Shannon Kennedy

Professionally duplicated CD-r – Full color printed disc & gatefold digipak