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Soga – Demo

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“All the tracks from the incendiary 2018 demo remixed to their fullest potential. This tape was too good not to put on history’s preferred format. Scrappy hardcore by members of Riña, Cremalleras and Ratas Del Vaticano. We can’t wait to hear what they come up with next.
300 copies of 150gr translucent purple vinyl housed in a 24pt jacket with a printed inner sleeve. Art by Sara & Fani. Sound by Gabriel Mazin & Yecatl Peña. Mastered by Will Killingsworth.”

“The demo from this Mexico City-based trio first came out in 2018, but luckily for us, Iron Lung has remixed the tracks and reissued them on vinyl. Soga play blistering hardcore punk. It may be scrappy, but the members—Nadia, Sara, and Violeta—play it with expert precision. Their tightness should come as no surprise; they’re also part of hard-hitting bands like Riña, Cremalleras, and Ratas Del Vatican. “Encerrada” is a particularly sick track; each member contributes vocals, from sickly-sweet to brutal shouts, to create a hectic collage of sound. “Vil Migala” features big, flourishing rock guitar leads over a simple hardcore beat. “Insecto” similarly mixes genres and defies expectations, with vocals that recall Exene Cervenka’s drawn-out whines. These tracks never bore, each layers unexpected elements to create exciting punk that’s anything but run-of-the-mill.”


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