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Soft Shoulder – Not The New One

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This has barely left the turntable since our order came in from James Fella. One of the best No Wave/Post Punk records I have heard in years. Clanging guitars, free improv interludes & thudding riffs MARK E SMITH is nodding along to in hell. $16 and worth every fucking penny. Up now at @tornlight for direct mail order and wholesale as well.

Gilgongo: ‘Not The New One’ delivers a dose of Soft Shoulder which is similar to 2017’s ‘Song and Intermissions’ LP: sharp bursts which reference no wave, free improvisation, abstract electronics and riot grrrl from various configurations of the group: this time around with members of Oakland’s NO BABIES, Montreal’s FILTHY GRIN, GAY KISS from Phoenix, Berlin’s PAUL ARAMBULA (Chandails, Vegetable), etc. Sandwiched between a new 7” and LP from early 2020, and a forthcoming 7” and LP in early 2021, ‘Not The New One’ ties up loose ends from the second half of the 2010’s. Recorded sporadically between 2015 – 2019 in various warehouses, practice spaces and bedrooms in the Phoenix area.


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