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Slit Throats – Joshi Noise 2CD

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“Noise on one side, wrestling on the other, and violent obsession the bridge between the two. Prepare to be pummeled by bloodied fists, ground into the mat by sweating, bruised flesh, and assaulted by the jeers of a ravenous crowd. Each of these ten tracks have a tactile physicality; the listener can almost feel the gear being twisted and clawed by scarred hands, squeezing the sounds from battered circuits on the verge of collapse. There is a constant tension between the desire to exert control and the sweet relief of letting the noise surge beyond all limitations. At times the sound is choked down to the smallest trickle, and you imagine the veins standing out from flushed skin as the artist desperately wrestles the noise into submission, only to let the volume blossom once more, the bloodthirsty audience roaring their approval, demanding a finishing blow. Control and release give structure to the ebb and flow across these two CD’s. Razor sharp frequencies slice across the top of deeper layers of sound. Teeth itch as piercing trebles gouge their way into heavy bass textures. The pure negativity of feedback challenges the most perverse of listeners, and endurance is rewarded with a brutal climax. No detached electronics, no meditation. These sounds have been ripped into existence with a physical performance that mirrors the wrestlers to whom the album is dedicated.

Slit Throats is Roman Leyva, celebrated for channeling catharsis with his influential Plague Mother alias. With “Joshi Noise Worship: Women’s Most Violent,” Leyva reminds us that noise is obsession, a genre that rejects casual engagement. This is a monolithic document of physicality and frequency, the merging of sound, concept, and action. Step into the ring. “
-Stefan Aune

“the manner in which the sound has a dynamic that seems to repeatedly cut DOWN and create the end piece textures…
over and over, subtly different techniques.
it definitely has a physicality not unlike that of something like wrestling – again, the throwing down over and over to create the textured end points
that have different lengths.”
-Sam McKinlay


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