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Sir Warrior And His Oriental Brothers International Band-Original ‎– My Success – Onye Obula Zoba Isi Onweya

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This 1981 album epitomizes the incredible career of a prodigy, who started at age 11 as a member of an Ese ensemble, a traditional Nigerian form of choral music, and has since excelled in many of the varied forms of African music. The most distinctive genre created by Sir Warrior (born Ezebuiro Obinna) is the one known as Nigerian “high-life” music, a modernization of Ghanian high-life obtained by combining elements of tradition with a modern musical approach. In Warrior’s case incredibly gifted guitar playing combined with lyrics deriving from traditional Igbo proverbs made him a pop icon and superstar, with hundreds of hits and dozens of best selling records all over Africa. His importance as a political icon for the struggling nation of Nigeria is not lesser than, even though different from, another Nigerian music star, Fela Anikulapo Kuti.


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