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Shiro Kuro (Sugi) “Sugi’s Drawings 2004-2006”

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What our staff has to say: “Sugi, Is the Titan of HC punk illustrations, widely known as much as the bands he has done work for. Death Side, Forward, Warhead. This book being the 2nd in the series compiling his impressive resume. Comes with Transparency Print and sticker! SUGI” – Dan

Collection of works from the all important SUGI! from 2004 –  2006

JAPANESE IMPORT, ltd copies.

SUGI’s second Art Book compiling works from 2004-2006

102 pages First press 1000 copies comes with special clear file & sticker.

The second art book released by SUGI for the first time! The previous work was a collection of the best selections carefully selected from the very early 1989-2003 illustrations, but this time it covers almost all the works drawn from 2004-2006! These works that connect the early and present Sugi are full of inspiration and a painting style that could only be expressed at this time! There number of color and black and white works based on pointillism has increased, and it is only at this time that the artist “SUGI” can get a glimpse of new attempts, growth, and conflicts!
Compared to the previous work, which was mainly illustrations, this work contains SUGI’s own recollections related to illustrations, comments of people involved in illustrations, columns, etc that can be enjoyed as a reading material. It also has unpublished works recorded in large numbers!
The cover page is a new work that depicts what was recorded in this art book with new expressions!

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