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Shine – Stare Into The Sun LP – White Purple Marble

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Featuring members of hardcore juggernauts, Regional Justice Center and Seattle’s New Gods, Shine channels the noise and driving aggression of the these bands, but through a more playful,  Britpop-tinged lens. On their debut EP, ‘Stare Into the Sun’, Shine harkens back to the heyday of shoegaze and neopsychedelia, combining elements of Ride, My Bloody Valentine, and Primal Scream. However, they don’t just sound like another reverb worship “nugaze” band, ‘Stare into the Sun’ truly sounds like a long lost release from the early 90’s. Big riffs, driving rhythms, and ear worm melodies are here in abundance. All fans of Creation Records take note. – Brian Cole, Funeral Party

**The color variant of the LP ship with a SHINE keychain.

**This pre order will ship 4/5/21


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