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Sewer Election/Lila Engel – Hideous Glare

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If one could previously view Sewer Election as a split entity – one harsh noise and one lo-fi concrete – such a distinction now falls short. Nowadays, Dan Johansson’s more low-key tape compositions informs his bulldozing harsh works, and vice versa. “Ferrite Mermaid” is a shining example of this merging of his sides and methods. Deteriorated and bent raw materials collide with burning currents in a heaving mass of trembling graveyard soil, teeming with metallized insects and liquefied electric worms.

Lila Engel is the combined effort of Chris Hansell and Chelsea O’Connor. Together they whip out three tracks of gut ripping cascades of full-bodied redhot crust and feedback, all balanced with parts of tranquil unease. The result recalls the very best works from the mid-late 2000’s from labels like Callow God and Monorail Trespassing – and artists such as Impregnable and Roman Torment in particular – but with Hansell’s and O’Connor’s own fingerprints all over.

Description by Erik Nystrand


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