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Sene ‎– I Heard You Laughing 12″

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​Introducing Paris-based contemporary sculptor and music maker Erwan Sene joining the exponential Unknown Precept roster. Gathering pieces thought of as little narratives for his debut release, not without a bit of irony around the concept of work, I Heard You Laughing wavers towards mechanical repetition and hallucinated endeavors. Purposely slowing down the tempo of his Soviet drum-machines to fit the redundancy of an industrial environment and its steadily running engines. Making up for an eroded atmosphere of sorts, analogous to the smokestacks emanating from factory chimneys. Accentuating the ambiguity of a wild thought which is hard to grasp. Despite its machine-driven aspect, Sene primary questions the difficulty to manage one’s life stuck in a primitive mindset, making intuitive associations in a closed-circuit setting. Carbon copy music for the tangled minds, leaving room for nothing but sedated feelings.


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