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Scott Walker – Tilt

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“It’s been 25 years since Scott Walker released his dark masterpiece Tilt (8 May 1995). The album was met with positive reviews despite or maybe because of its arcane, unpleasant, theatricality. It features a chamber orchestra, bass lines that echo menacingly, a cathedral organ, locusts, uncomfortable silences, clanging machine noises, and more to suggest a quashed normalcy amidst dangerous circumstances. Plus, Walker didn’t sing as much as melodramatically bellow, vibrate, and tear off lyrics that were often non-sequential and evoked of past horrors such as the murder of the avant-garde Italian director Pier Paolo Pasolini, the trial of Adolf Eichmann, and Bolivian political prisoners. It was Walker’s first album in more than a decade and revealed the former pop star to be an intense artist determined to follow his vision.”’s retrospective review of Tilt, 5/6/2020



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