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Schizoid / X-Ray – 4K UHD + Blu-Ray

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Before becoming known for their over-the-top action spectacles, Cannon Films dabbled in the early 80s slasher craze, producing a handful of original slice n’ dice classics, two of which are presented here on 4K UHD for the first time, from Vinegar Syndrome!

Pieter Fales is a renowned psychiatrist who is unable to reconcile his relationship with his teenage daughter, Alison. Julie, one of Pieter’s patients, is a successful advice columnist in the midst of a messy divorce, who has also started receiving threatening letters. When a black clad, scissors wielding killer begins murdering people in Julie’s life, she begins to suspect that her unknown writer and this mystery assailant might be one and the same…

Taking strong stylistic cues from the giallo genre, director David Paulsen’s (Savage Weekend) SCHIZOID, is a delirious whodunit headlined by cult film superstar, Klaus Kinski (Nosferatu the Vampyre), alongside Donna Wilkes (Angel), Marianna Hill (Messiah of Evil), and an early appearance from Christopher Lloyd (Back to the Future), all amplified with a throbbing electronic score by Craig Huxley and presented here from a stunning new 4K restoration!

When Susan was a little girl, she rejected the Valentine of a lovestruck classmate. Decades later, she’s come to the hospital for a routine medical examination. But when her x-rays seem to show something unusual, Susan finds herself trapped in a bizarre medical nightmare, made all the worse as her vengeful childhood valentine, disguised among the hospital staff, begins murdering everyone in his path as a means of proving his undying ‘romantic’ obsession…

With its exceptionally colorful cinematography by Nicholas Josef von Sternberg (Slaughterhouse Rock) and otherworldly sense of surrealism, trailblazing Israeli filmmaker Boaz Davidson’s (The Last American Virgin) sole foray into horror cinema, X-RAY (aka Hospital Massacre) is a slasher like no other and has been freshly restored in 4K from its 35mm original camera negative, allowing its one-of-a-kind weirdness to be experienced as never before.

directed by: David Paulsen (Schizoid), Boaz Davidson (X-Ray)
starring: Klaus Kinski, Donna Wilkes, Marianna Hill, Christopher Lloyd, Barbi Benton, Charles Lucia, Jon Van Ness
1980-1982 / 89 min (Schizoid), 89 min (X-Ray) / 1.85:1 / English Mono

Additional info:
• 3-disc Set: 2 4K Ultra HDs and 1 Region A Blu-ray
• 4K UHDs presented in High-Dynamic-Range
• Newly scanned & restored in 4K from their 35mm original camera negatives
• “Shooting by March” – a brand new interview with Schizoid writer/director David Paulsen
• “Hide the Scissors” – a brand new interview with Schizoid actress Donna Wilkes
• “Blood in the Jacuzzi” – a brand new interview with Schizoid makeup artist Erica Ueland
• “A Wellesley Graduate” – a brand new interview with Schizoid actress Flo Lawrence
• “Ultra Violet Vengeance: The Talent & Technicians of X-Ray” – a brand new making-of documentary featuring interviews with the cast and crew of X-Ray
• “Bad Medicine” – an archival interview with X-Ray director Boaz Davidson
• Original theatrical trailer for Schizoid
• Inside cover artwork
• English SDH subtitles

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