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S.H.I.T. – Hidden In Eternity / Eraser III

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What our staff has to say: “Just in stock for S.H.I.T.Mass, fast and snarling hardcore from toronto/london band S.H.I.T. 2 tracks all business, you can really smell it in the air. From the greatest record label ever Iron Lung Records.” – Dan

Finally, “Hidden In Eternity” and “Eraser III” are put to the perfect format and classed up nicely by some of the finest design work Ryan Tong has ever done. Taking the path of 2018’s bulldozing “What Do You Stand For?” LP, S.H.I.T. cranked out 2 perfect tracks of hyped up hardcore bombfall with the signature snarl that you’ve come to know and love. Perfect music.

Copies on coke bottle clear vinyl housed in 12pt glue pocket jacket with a 100lb printed inner sleeve, both with flooded inners in cyan and pink respectively. Needs to be seen in person because it’s fucking beautiful. Written and performed by S.H.I.T. Recorded by Dylan Frankland at Palace Studios. Mixing and additional recording by Jonah Falco. Mastered by Arthur Rizk. Artwork by Ryan Tong.

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