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Royal Trux ‎– Pound For Pound

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On Pound for Pound, Royal Trux’s second album within a year, the increasingly prolific group revisits the laid-back, scuzzy sound of albums like Thank You and Sweet Sixteen — albeit with a warmer, cleaner production, not unlike the sound they gave the Make Up’s In Mass Mind. Touted by their label as a “party record,” Pound for Pound comes pretty close to living up to that description, alternating between summery, boogie rock-inspired numbers like “Fire Hill” and “Dr. Gone” and more aggressive rockers like “Accelerator (The Original)” and “Teenage Murder Mystery.” The Trux also find room for the almost-wistful summer love song “Sunshine,” as well as the witchy blues-rock of “Deep Country Sorcerer” and “Small Thief,” and despite the sound-effects weirdness on “Platinum Tips” and the trippy flutes on “Blind Navigator,” this is their most straightforward collection of songs since their Virgin label output. Weighing in at a short and sweet ten tracks, Pound for Pound may not be as combustive or inventive as their recent output, but it reaffirms that there is plenty of room for just plain enjoyment in Royal Trux’s subversive agenda.


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