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Ross Gentry – September LP

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The inaugural Ceremony of Seasons release! The music accompaniment to VISUALS Wine’s first ever Ritual of Senses Wine Club package – released to the world on the Autumnal Equinox of 2022.

Specifically written and recorded by Ross Gentry to be paired with Sink into Seclusion, a Mendocino grown, amphora aged, skin contact Sauvignon Blanc wine.

Immerse your consciousness in Ross Gentry’s September and you’ll discover layered, hidden melodies that emerge like spectres drifting through autumnal fog. Both voluminous and spacious, the mists of September resolve into visions with an organic complexity, distinct from more typical ambient abstraction. What first appears floating and shapeless, a comfortable flowing backdrop, yields vistas of finely-wrought mood and form as it clarifies in attentive focus.

This ebb and flow of awareness marks a powerful dynamic in ritual: the fluctuation between understanding the process and surrendering to the experience. As your awareness reaches to grasp Gentry’s piano lines, they flee back into the landscape, beckoning you deeper into the forest, consigning your perception to its unfolding dream. But wherever your senses come to rest, September always walks forward, the thudding pulse of “A Shallow Decade” pressing the listener through its breadth—and its brevity. The glory of Autumn always fades too soon.

It feels appropriate that Ceremony of Seasons’ inaugural release is a kind of initiation. September is a rite of passage steeped in equinoctial vapor, a path through a time-transmuted forest, gold and misty grey. Like a guide across a threshold, Gentry leads listeners through a multiplicity of stations, offering both discoveries of luminous clarity and opportunities to meld into exquisite shadow.

This first turn of the press arrives as an invitation: submerge in September’s abundant harvest, and experience this baptismal yield.

From VISUALS Wine:
“Ritual of Senses aims to provide curated, take home experiences in which wine is simply a component of something bigger. It celebrates our sense of place, Asheville, NC and it’s incredible community of creatives. Like the name suggests, it’s a ceremony for the senses. It’s about intentionally carving out moments for yourself…to appreciate, to contemplate, and to fully drink in the Visuals.”

From Tim Gormley, owner and operator of Ceremony of Seasons and co-owner of VISUALS Wine:
“Music is a critical part of the rituals I aim to curate for our club members. I’ve always deeply admired Ross’ work and it’s incredibly humbling to get to work with him on this project and to now get to call him a friend. These compositions are stunning on their own, and undeniably enhance the experience of consuming our wine and the other locally made components of the package. I hope that the experience is as fully immersive and thought provoking for you as it is for me. Cheers!