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Robert Turman – Chapter Eleven 4 CD boxset

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**4xCD, over 4 hours of music. Co-Released by Hanson Records and Helicopter** Debuting in 1988 as a self-released 8xCassette boxset, Chapter Eleven collects the solo recordings (1976–1987) of Robert Turman, one of the earliest members of the US Industrial Noise scene, coalescing a wide swath of influences and culling experimental techniques into inventive new terrain. Carefully remastered from the original tapes, this deluxe reissue is a long-awaited rescue from obscurity.

It’s impossible to talk about Robert Turman’s Chapter Eleven in anything less than biblical terms. Enveloping an entire range of experimental thought and history, acting as both a predecessor and contemporary of hypnogogic and hauntological music, Chapter Eleven has no equal and is felt as much as it is heard. I recently relistened by candlelight and as disc 2 closed on Lonesome Echo, a rainstorm started and combined perfectly with Turman’s piano in a way that made me feel closer and more connected than any other piece of music i’ve heard – cleo meyer

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