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Pavement – Slanted & Enchanted (Red w/ Black and White Splatter Vinyl)

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What our staff has to say: “Might be hard to pick a favorite record from Matador’s roster, with so many indie classics, but Slanted And Enchanted is top on my list. Best record.” – Jon

The iconic 1992 album from Pavement— Slanted and Enchanted on limited red and white splatter vinyl for the album’s 30th anniversary. In their own way, Pavement changed the face of ’90s rock just as much as Nirvana, at least for those with an ear closer to the ground of the indie scene. In fact, they virtually defined the indie scene for that decade, and their first full-length album Slanted and Enchanted was the non-anthem of slacker rock. For years after its release, every hip indie band seemed to imitate Pavement’s fall-influenced, off-kilter sound and post-functional, obscurantist lyrical approach.


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