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Pale Cocoon – Mayu

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What our staff has to say: “Japanese minimal post punk(?) classic, originally released on cassette in 1984, now issued on 2xLP by Incidental Music. Shimmery guitar, minimal drum machine, and songs that wander into ambient soundscapes. Check out the tracks ‘Mizutamari’ and ‘FLALORM’, you want this.” – Jon

Pale Cocoon’s Mayu (繭) was originally released in 1984 as a cassette box set by Pafe Record in Japan, but sunk into obscurity after its release, only to garner a strong cult following nearly two decades later during the advent of the music blog era.

Within the world of Mayu, sounds of the Japanese landscape in summertime parallel swirling synthesizers and noise; shimmering guitar sounds take the shape of a snowflake. The compositions themselves were informed heavily by Belgian symbolist art and Japanese literature – occasionally evoking the likes of Woo, Durutti Column, Picky Picnic, and other 80s Japanese experimental & ambient music – though Mayu’s singular atmosphere was relatively peerless and quite ahead of its time. The album’s symbolist tendencies blur the lines between nature and noise to create something absolutely magical – a world truly of its own.

Incidental Music and conatala are proud to present Mayu, remastered by Makoto Ohshiro and published for the first time on vinyl since its original cassette release on Pafe Record in 1984. Mayu will be available on 2LP vinyl pressed by Pallas, CD, and digital formats in mid May, 2020.