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Organic Beer – TCR/Trans-Continental Railway CS

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Label Description:

Organic Beer is a four-member music and art project organization based in Seoul. The members include Go Woo (vocals, guitar, synthesizer), Ham Seok-young (guitar, chorus), Go Dae-young (bass), and Jay (percussion). Rock’n’ roll, funk, psychedelic, world folk music, noise and ambient sound are absorbed and expressed and built with only organic beer. In the performance, the dark sound wave and visual images conveyed to the listener are sufficient to instill a destructive impression. for Fans of guruguru Brain, Acid Mothers Temple, CAN

“Organic Beer’s new album TCR (Trans-Continental Railway) recorded 50 minutes of continuous performance in one-take. The sound area of ​​organic beer is divided into four, and the members start playing in their respective bands. The performance proceeds. It observes that the sound area is gradually being cut off, and the resulting destructive power is recorded as a waveform. Those who want to hear the moment of this recording only pay the ticket price for the transcontinental train.”

TCR is the result of one-take recording of each part in the Mullae Art Space and their practice room, that is, in different spaces. While retaining the recording method of one-take, which has continued while releasing albums from the past, they tried to record the way they are going differently. Japanese electronic musician Phew said this in a recent interview. “Recording creates the future. In other words, the present can be reflected in what was recorded in the past.” As I listened to TCR over and over again, I thought that this work today could be an indicator that could suggest the future of Organic beer.


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