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Olivia Neutron John – Injury Train and I’m Never Getting Off It b/w Vulnerability LP

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Finally available again with new cover art and now packaged in a proper, high-gloss, jacket! ***original description: “RAW, GLITTERING, PSYCHEDELIC … OLIVIA NEUTRON-JOHN, is a NON-BINARY, POST-BRO one person music/dance declaration of war on the accepted and the expected. The OLIVIA NEUTRON-JOHN LP won’t be seen in any record stores. They won’t know where to put it. There isn’t any card, section, genre, that can contain it. The grooves barely fit on the album even … this is a record unlike any other. In an era when groups are formalistic recitations of previous groups, loathe to show any personality, innovation, or opinion – for fear of jeopardizing a future career in sales or politics – OLIVIA NEUTRON-JOHN is a vital bolt from the blue, a radical arrival which signals something outside of noise, punk, disco, pop …Appearing fully formed, without a note or groove out of place, the O N-J record is a total statement; something brand new, a strike against complacency, a challenge thrown at the content-less stagnation of modern indie, garage, and whatever other tiresome genre exercises are being paraded around at the corporate festivals. Combining two cassette only releases by O N-J, (INJURY TRAIN AND I’M NEVER GETTING OFF IT & VULNERABILITY), O N-J’s debut vinyl album captures the intensity of the same live performance that’s transfixing audiences coast to coast. OLIVIA NEUTRON-JOHN is ANNA NASTY (CHAIN & THE GANG, VEGETABLE) on keyboards, voice, saxophone … joined on the LP by MISHA POLESHCHUK (NO BABIES) on saxophone for this chunk of pure Casio crystal.” – Ian Svenonius.