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Non Band – S/T

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What our staff has to say: “Great experimental / no wave leaning, violin heavy post punk from Japan, 1982. Originally released as a 10″, now available via Tal as a 12″.” – Jon

2023 repress. TAL present a reissue of Non Band’s self-titled debut release, originally released in 1982 on Telegraphy Records. Yuichi Jibiky of Telegraph Records describes the release: “The Japanese punk rock movement known as Tokyo rockers began in the summer of 1978. It incubated an independent music culture as well as a host of fascinating, individualistic musicians. One of the more striking units was the male-female duo Maria 023. Non played bass for them, and it was here that she first attracted attention. However, Maria 023 was short-lived, and Non would not reappear until the following year, August 1979, on stage at the legendary concert event ‘Drive to 80s’. Her unbilled performance at the event consisted of several songs for solo bass and vocals, and her combination of intensity and a distinctly female emotionality made a striking impression. In the months that followed, Non continued to play solo and she became a pivotal presence among the female rockers on the scene at the time. Finally, she shifted from solo to group performance, and formed Non Band. After several member changes, the line-up stabilized into a unique trio with Kinosuke Yamagishi on violin and clarinet and Mitsuru Tamagaki on drums. . . . In February 1982 Non Band’s first album was released as a 10-inch LP on Telegraph Records, the label’s fifth release. In the early Japanese indies scene, if a release sold 1000 copies it was counted as a significant success. The Non Band album went through several repressing and sold 2000 copies. . . . Just six months after the release of the album the group would grind to a halt. Members quit the band one after another, and with no possible replacements to be found, Non herself faded away from the scene. . . . [Non] invited two fabulous musicians, Keiji Haino and Tatsuya Yoshida, to Hirosaki, and performed together with them as well as solo. This marked the beginning of a new phase for her, and she played live in Tokyo and released a solo album, ie (2002). She got back in touch with Yamagishi and Tamagaki and reformed Non Band. . . . In 2012, the group released an album of recent live performances entitled Non Band Liven’ 2009-2012.” Includes insert with liner notes; Includes download code.


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