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Night Foundation – I Had A Feeling

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Psychic Liberation presents the “Sonic Encyclopedia Series”, an eclectic batch of short run tapes aiming to explore and document a wide cross section of aural content around the world. Specialization and confines of genre are antithetical to the direction of this nebulous encyclopedia of tapes. The artists chosen are curated by Nick Klein, with design and illustrations provided by Scott Goodman.

Richard Vergez is a mainstay of the Miami, Florida experimental music community working under various monikers and running the label Noir Age, a receptacle for visual and sonic creations. On this Night Foundation cassette, the viewer is brought into post-Industrial , somewhat New Age, sonic territory. Doting loops of blissful synthesizers and bellows from a far off origin, the tape is an ouroboros; at once creating and making malleable its own environment. Works for various installations and recordings for Modern dancers.