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Naná Vasconcelos – Africadeus

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What our staff has to say: “Nana Vasconcelos’s debut solo record. The most intimate and exploratory Berimbau record you’ll ever hear. Nana digs deep into the Brazilian instrument, scraping and plucking, creating music that combines free improv and Brazilian folk. An interesting listen!” – Jon

Spiritual, intimate and revolutionary, yet firmly rooted in Brazil’s folklore. Africadeus was the breakthrough album of the mighty Naná Vasconcelos, in which he discovered the berimbau to the world and took the instrument to a universal level. Having played in the shadows for other artists such as Milton Nascimento, Gato Barbieri or Som Imaginario, Naná is here finally in the spotlight.

Recorded in 1973 in France for Pierre Barouh’s Saravah label, this is the album that definitely imprinted Naná’s name in the international scene, on his track to becoming one of the best percussionists of all times.


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