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Modern Pagans: An Investigation of Contemporary Pagan Practices

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This is the most uncensored, comprehensive guide to Pagans around the world today. Dozens of interviews cover a wide range of Pagan practices, from witchcraft, Northern tradition, santeria, shamanism, Druids, Goddess worshippers and more. The book covers important topics such as child raising, living arrangements, sexuality (lots of that), music, and bereavement (death), as well as the more spiritual side of Paganism. The political engagement here is widespread, embracing anti-capitalist and anti-globalist activism, environmental action, and the like. The emphasis is on taking personal responsibility for one’s life–essentially, anarchism boiled down to its roots. Many empowering and uplifting stories about non-ordinary people: Starhawk, Genesis P-Orridge, Diane di Prima, and others are featured, as well as comprehensive bibliographies and filmographies that allow the reader to delve deeper into the subject.


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