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Misfits – The 1980 MSP Sessions

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The Misfits began this recording session on 08/07/1980 with Bobby Steele on guitar and completed and mixed on 09/05/1980 with Doyle. For each song, Bobby laid down three guitar tracks (one lead track and two rhythm tracks). Doyle later added guitar tracks to most songs, which were then mixed with his guitar sound in the center. Two songs also include additional guitar by producer Robbie Alter. Excluding overdubs, each song was recorded in one take, except “London Dungeon,” of which the band recorded two takes.

Mixing and mastering

“Skulls” and “Astro Zombies” were later remixed for Collection I. The Misfits later recorded a different drum track for “Halloween II” and remixed the song for the Halloween 7″ (see 1981). Bill Inglot and Andrew Garver of Rhino Records re-mastered “Halloween” for the New Wave Halloween compilation album. All 13 songs were later remixed for the proposed “12 Hits From Hell” for Caroline Records.


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