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Michael Yonkers – Michael Lee Yonkers

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An original sealed pressing of Michael Yonkers‘s Michael Lee Yonkers from 1974. Self-recorded in 1971 and ’72, Michael Lee Yonkers has often been referred to as Michael’s “country” album. It is many folks’ favorite of his early works, and is likely the weirdest. The roughhewn quality of these recordings has caused listeners to make comparisons with other “real people” outsiders like Grudzien and the Holy Modal Rounders, but there are more obvious, well-known comparisons (Townes Van Zandt) that are at least as appropriate. There are clear references to various classic country stylings in these songs, even as Michael’s unique distillation of their influence lends a delightfully skewed mischievousness to the proceedings. Released in 1974 and rescued from deep inside Yonks’s storage space/weirdo museum.


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