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Torn Light Records
356 Ludlow Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45220

Monday - Saturday
11:00AM - 8:00PM

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Merzbow / Kaoru Sato – Kyoto

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First collaboration between Japanese noise legend Merzbow and visionary/provocateur Kaoru Sato of R.N.A. Organism (Vanity Records) and EP-4 

Side A: Recording of Merzbow and Kaoru Sato’s first collaboration ever. Recorded October 21st 2018 at Metro Club in Kyoto for a three-label showcase with avant-garde imprints Slowdown, Phonon and Kyoh Records.

Side B: Solo sessions by each artist that took place after the joint performance on the same night. Edited and mixed in their respective studios.


Stock Level Only 1 left in stock