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Mental Abortion / Rippers And Diddlers ‎– S/T

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Split LP between cut-up S&M noisecore assault squad MENTAL ABORTION and drum machine alchoholic filthy noise grind from RIPPERS & DIDDLERS.

MENTAL ABORTION tracks were recorded live at Ohm Studio with a full band a few months ago. They were then edited/ripped up/fucked with and put back together again as cut up AUNT MARY-style noisecore blasts. Tracks 84 to 90 are YELLOW TEARS sound collage filth for those JG Ballard-obsessed porno and car crash grind fans.

RIPPERS & DIDDLERS are an anonymous duo from a few other very interesting projects that will not be named. R&D sound as if RUSTED SHUT did a live collab with DECHE-CHARGE and EXTREME SMOKE 57 (Who Sold the Scene-era) handled the percussion. Non-stop blasting noise grind filth.

“I heard noisecore is trendy again? I guess it’s time to stop.”

Full-color, high-gloss jacket with a single-sided A4 insert and a double-sided 11.5×17″ insert.


Stock Level Only 1 left in stock